Types of closets to be used

Closets are mainly enclosed spaces which are mainly used for storage purposes for clothes, shoes, beauty products and other things. There are varieties of closets available in the market and they are used for different storage purposes in the house.

Wall hung closet are the best because they do not cover any floor space area and do not make the rooms look smaller. They also have a lot of storage space and help one to declutter and add some aesthetic value to the homes. Here are some popular closet types that one can keep at their house to make it look tidy and organised.

Walk in closets

They are the perfect choice when it comes to storage of clothes, accessories and shoes. This is a closet which has an entire room of its own and is termed to be a dream closet for many. One can not only store and organise things here but they can also display them properly. They are mainly attached to the master bedroom suits and they have a lot of storage spaces. When it comes to designs there are endless options for this with wall space to hand clothes and build open shelves. They also have a lot of drawers. One can separate clothes sections and accessories sections easily here. These closets have affixed mirrors as well.

Linen Closets

They are mainly reach in closets in order to store blankets, pillows beddings, towels and sheets. They have some extra drawers and shelves. One can stack up the extra supplies and linens in those drawers. They can also be door less so that one can have an easy access to them. They are very narrow and so it is very convenient to place them in bathrooms and in the corridors. But yes, as they are narrow they have less storage spaces and so they are used for a particular purpose only.

Entry Closets

They are placed at the entry of the house and they should not cover a larger area. They are mainly placed to keep over coats, jackets, umbrellas and shoes. These are mainly low cabinets and they have under bench storages to keep the shoes and a coat rack as well. One can also store up the woollens and the luggage here.

Kitchen Closets

They mainly have a hinged or a sliding door. These closets have taller cabinets and they also have a lot of shelves and internal drawers. One can store their almost every kitchen appliances along with food items, spices and dried foods.  Apart from that, one can separate the cutleries, dishes and the kitchen towels separately here to keep everything organised.

Utility Closets

They are meant to store anything and that is why they can be installed easily in any corner of the house. One can also keep them at basements or at storage rooms to store other things and keep it clean.

Western closets are the best when it comes to installation at house as they save a lot of spaces and make the rooms look spacious.

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