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How to Migrating from Android to iPhone

So you are switching from your trusty Android phone to a new and exciting iPhone, only to find you have a slight problem. How do I transfer my sims messages from Android to iPhone? Take a calming breath because the world has not ended and there is still hope in your future with your iPhone. The first thing you need to do is realize it is possible to transfer your messages.

Backuptrans is the answer to your problems. In only a few minutes all your messages can be transferred. Using your PC you connect the two devices and run the Backuptrans software and select “transfer Android Sms to iPhone.” It will ask if you want to transfer to iTunes or to iPhone for the destination. Chose iPhone and it does the rest.


Android-Complete-Backup (1)

Another great tool is super Backup. It creates an Xml file that can be used to transfer all your messages by allowing you to email them all to yourself or copy them to your PC or SD card to transfer them over to your iPhone.

If you don’t mind spending a little money there is also the option of MobileTrans. For $39 you can get the complete backup and restore services the software offers. Just launch the software and by choosing the “Phone to Phone” tab you connect your Android and IPhone device to your computer, in that order, to designate the Android device as the source and the IPhone as destination. In case you accidentally did the reverse there is the flip option to switch phone to the right order. With this program you can transfer text, music, contacts and your calendar. Select what you want and press “Start copy”. Minutes later your transfer is complete.